PRODUCTION FACILITIES <Domestic Production Base: Shinjo, Yamagata>

Optimal Production Base and Integrated Line

Domestic Production Base: Shinjo, Yamagata Domestic Production Base: Shinjo, Yamagata

Shafts for power steering system, Solenoid valve components, Torque converter components


Circular Saw [2], NC Lathe [60], Multi-axis Lathes [5], Rolling/Grooving/Knurling Machine [10], Machining Tapping Center [15], Induction Hardening Equipment [7], Cylindrical Grinder [15], Centerless Grinder [6], Grinder for Special applications [5], Resin Molding Machine [4], Air Leak Tester [13], Various Rationalization Equipment [20]

NC lathe
NC lathe [60 units]

・Chucker: 38, φ80 x 500 mm (max.)
・Automatic: 22, φ32 x 200 mm (max.)
(Including 5 MFDs)
*Others: 4 multi-axis lathes 
We offer an optimal machining process proposal according to your manufacturing standards.

Machining Tapping Center
Machining Tapping Center [15 units]

・#40 taper spindle machine: 1
・#30 taper spindle machine: 14
*Jigs and peripheral devices are manufactured by group companies.
(Standardized product shapes and manufacturing method)

Induction Hardening Equipment
Induction Hardening Equipment [7 units]

Generators [5]
・200 KW high-frequency generator: 1
・150 KW high-frequency generator: 1
 (W/ changeover switch; up to 4 hardening stages)
・50 KW high-frequency generator: 3
*Generators manufactured by DKK or Nippon
 Hardening equipment manufactured by group

Grinders [23 units]

Centerless grinders [6]
・In-feed machines: 3, φ32 x 200 mm (max.)
・Through-feed machines: 3, φ25 x 120 mm (max.)
Cylindrical grinders [17 units]
・NC machines: 12, φ80 x 500 mm (max.)
・Hydraulic machines: 5, φ50 x 200 mm (max.)
(Including 3 grinders for special applications)

Resin molding machines
Resin molding machines [4 units]

(Injection molding machine)

・Full-servo control for 50 tons: 3
・Full-servo control for 75 tons: 1
*Molds and peripheral devices are manufactured
  by group companies.
☆One of the group companies owns a resin flow
※Test use available.

※Further installation planned

Air Leak Testers
Air Leak Testers [13 units]

・Differential pressure decay testers: 7
 leakage rate: 0 - 100 cc (max.)
*Dedicated tester
*Leak testers are outsourced and peripheral devices and equipment are manufactured by group companies.
We offer a low-cost proposal with a self-designed plan and assembling equipment, according to your specific requirements.


・Shinjo, Yamagata

・Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam