Environmental management policy

In our business activities, with the slogan of " Pass on this rich-in-nature environment to the future", we work on effective use of resources and prevention of environmental pollution, aiming to harmonize with the global environment. We fulfill Corporate Social Responsibility and contribute to the industry and the local community.

(1) We work on the following items as our priority issues to reduce the environmental load in our business activities and to streamline management by reducing costs related to environmental load for the purpose of corporate sustainability.
1. Prevention of global warming (reduction of CO2 emission)
2. Reduction of the waste
3. Environmentally friendly products
4. Proper management and reduction of chemical substances
5. Reduction of water usage
(2) We comply with the environmental regulations, agreements, and other requirements established by national and local governments.
(3) Establish and continuously improve an environmental management system with clearly defined our responsibilities and authority.
(4) We strive to increase the understanding of our environmental management system and the environmental awareness of our employees through environmental education for all employees.
(5) We communicate our environmental policy to all employees and disclose upon extarnal request.

1995 Acquisition of Certification ISO9001
Acquisition of Certification ISO14001
2003 Acquisition of Certification“Green Partner”(PLAPACS・Division)
2016 Acquisition of Eco-Action21
COMMENDATION FROM CUSTOMERS (Automotive Parts Production)
2005 JTEKT Best Quality Award
2006 JTEKT (Thailand) Best Supplier Award
2007 JTEKT Best Quality Award
2008 JTEKT (Thailand) Best Supplier Award
2012 JTEKT (Thailand) Best Supplier Award
2014 JTEKT (Thailand) Best Supplier Award
2015 JTEKT (Thailand) Best Supplier Award
2017 Toyota Motor East Japan Technology Development Award
2021 ADVICS Technology Award
2021 Aisin group Technology Excellence Award
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