Privacy Policy of SHINJYO ELEMECS Co., Ltd.

1.SHINJYO ELEMECS Co., Ltd.(We) complies with the Personal Information Protection Law
   and other related laws and rules. In addition, we carry out and maintain personal
   information protection steadily and try for its continuous improvement.
2.We have established the management system of personal information protection and
   make known it to our executive officers and employees to execute thorough
   compliances with it. In addition, we neither disclose nor offer the personal information
   which has been received from our customers to a third party unless there is an
   agreement or a legitimate reason.
3.We keep the personal information the latest and precise, and try hard to prevent
   the misconducts such as unjust access, loss, destruction, manipulation, leak of personal
   information and so on.
4.We cope with the requests such as inquiry about personal information and disclosure
   from our customer faithfully and quickly.