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No.1 QCD in the world plastic package market

PLAPACKS®is a pre-molded air cavity package for image sensor which has both high moisture resistance and high dimension precision developed by our high quality compound technology based on our original epoxy resin combination technology.
As a package for CCD/CMOS image sensor drawing attention as an electronic eye now, PLAPACKS® is used for various applications.
(Digital still camera, digital video camera, camera for mobile phone, monitoring camera, PC camera, in-car camera, camera for mobile device and so on)

・High Moisture Resistance:Anti-moisture Design and Anti-moisture Plastic
・Low Price:Plastic Mold

Because of our package design technology it is possible to design a package with high dimensional precision pretty freely.   By corresponding to various needs from our customers, we contribute to high functionalization and miniaturization of mobile devices.


Please refer to MTEX MATSUMURA's HP for the product details.
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